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  • 執筆者の写真S.Ninomiya

イタリアのデザイン賞「Award A Design Award」でインタビューが掲載されています。

イタリアのデザイン賞「Award A Design Award」のウェブサイトに僕たちのインタビューが掲載されています。

About Shunichiro Ninomiya


NRM Architects Office is a building design office founded in 1997 by architects Shunichiro Ninomiya and Morodome Tomoko. The foundation is Osaka in Japan. NRM Architects Office has over 20 years of career and various awards, but in Japan it is a minor and small design office. NRM Architects Office mainly designs houses, designs stores and offices. It features simple, functional and beautiful design. Especially, there is a feature in planning which effectively utilizes the courtyard.






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